Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote

New Toy = Lots of Fun In Our Household! Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote

The other day we bought Clay this, Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote, and man he is loving this toy! He plays with it so much through out the days, it was a great toy to buy for him. It has buttons for them to be able to press to hear songs, music, and more. You can turn the volume up or down, switch channels to hear a new station and more with this little remote. Plus it lights up which really grabs Clay’s attention. 

fisher price remote toy

What I love about this fun toy is Clay enjoys playing with this toy remote, and in return he is learning about numbers, colors, opposites, greetings, first words and more. I know if you read my post, I say it all the time, I love toys that help children learn things! It offers more than 25 songs, phrases, songs and more, so it can keep him busy. I love that it doesn’t say just 3 things, as that gets old quick for the parents!

Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote

fisher price remote

This toy right now is under $10, it makes a great toy for your own child, give as a gift for a birthday present, or holiday gift. As you can see the age range is 6 months to 36 months. I know for me I like to see an age range so I know how long I will probably use this toy, and if it fits where Clay is at in his learning abilities!

I am all about great toys that don’t break the bank and can help your child grow and learn when they use it! I hope you all like the post, and if you buy it, hope the special kiddo getting this enjoys it as much as Clay does! 

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy – Wraps Handle on Car Seat, Stroller and More

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Spiral Includes Four Visually Delightful Hanging ToysInfantino Spiral Activity Toy

This Infantino Spiral Activity Toy is one of Clay’s favorites! He uses this in his stroller every time we go anywhere! It helps keep him entertained, as he is not the best at car rides! He hates being stopped, the car has to constantly be moving or he gets fussy.. moms should get to skip red lights I think!

You can hang it off the handle of the car seat or they can hold in lap and play, which is what we do often. That way he can grab it and chew on it better! This also works with most strollers and cribs if you want to coil it on, for entertainment!

Perfect Car Seat Toy!

car seat toy

I don’t know what it is about the bee but that is truly the one that he grabs for the most. He loves putting the fabric stinger in his mouth and munching on it, it’s so darn cute! The wings make a crinkle noise, which is something he has always enjoyed with any of his toys! The bee is fabric and nice and soft! You can wash this in the washer, so you don’t have to worry if he slobbers all over it!



It includes peek n’ see mirror,2-clacker rings, bird rattle, crinkle bug, textured fabrics and satin ribbons that will entertain the kiddo! Plus I love the fun fabrics they use, that makes it more appealing! It didn’t have an age range on when to buy but from what I have seen it is an item you can use from birth on

It is available for boy and girl! I do highly recommend a fun toy like this for a gift or for your baby! It really is fun for them and keeps them entertained when your out on the run! 

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy – Wraps Handle on Car Seat, Stroller and More

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

Clay Loves His Musical Motion Activity Jumper


My sister gave us this Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper to use for baby Clay! She used it for her daughter, and wanted to pass it along. This is probably Clay’s favorite thing to play on, he absolutely LOVES this thing! He can jump and jump and pass the time so easily! All the fun activities as he twirls around in his seat helps a lot on keeping him entertained as well! It is super sturdy, and that is a huge plus for us, we don’t have to worry about it falling apart!

baby einstein musical motion activity jumper

I think what makes this jumper really nice is it offers so many different activities to keep him mind busy! He can play music or play music and more. He loves being able to swivel all the way around in the seat, it gives him a 360 degree view of the room!

Activity Jumper Your Baby Will Love


He has really begun to play with the sun and cloud, he can pull on it as it is flexible so he can bend it down and chew on it! Clay loves to put everything and anything in his mouth these days!!! Another thing I wanted to highlight is you can wipe all this down super easy! If your child spits up or you want to clean it up, use the cleaner of your choice and wipe it down! That is such a nice option, some toys are almost impossible to get clean, so I love how easy this is!

Is this something your baby or a child you know would enjoy! 

VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker – Interactive Baby Walker

Sit to Stand Learning Interactive Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

For Easter, the Easter Bunny dropped off this fun VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker, for Clay! It is a fun interactive baby walker, that is sit to stand. It is best for age range 9 months to 3 years, but he got his a little early and he is still able to play and have fun with it!

The reason why we picked out this one, is because it has a lot of fun activities he can do, from learning piano, spinning rollers, pretend telephone and more. Plus it has a nice wide handle area for him to place his hands when he begins to work on walking!

Clay can’t stand yet, so for now he plays with it on the floor or we put it on his high chair. The play panel what you see below is what comes right off the walker.

sit to stand baby walker

As you can see here the play panel does clip away from the wheel stand, and he loves to sit with it in his high chair and play. He loves listening to the music, seeing the blinking lights and munching on the phone! This is great for your child as it helps to develop their fine motor skills! 

Vtech Sit to Stand Walker

vtech sit to stand walker

This is a pretty affordable walker and it is so nice that it can be used for such a long time! Plus it is great you can use this before they start walking, I love buying things that will last awhile instead of using them for just 1 month then moving on!

I would recommend this walker to anyone who has a baby or wants to buy one as a gift! Very well made, lots for your child to play and learn from, and helps them learn and grow!

What is one toy you would recommend to parents to help entertain them as they grow?


Infantino Activity Triangle for Babies – 6 months and Older

Clay Loves His Activity Triangle Infantino Activity Triangle

Awhile back I ordered this Infantino Activity Triangle at a discounted price. I thought it would be something fun for Clay to play with. This is great for age of 6 months or older. It is a triangle toy that offers many fun activities for your kiddo to enjoy! From rattle beads, spinning knobs, texture wheels and more. Clay loves to pick it up and move it around and find new fun activities to play with.

This is a great way for your child to develop hand-eye coordination, and I love that. I am a firm believer in buying toys that your child can benefit from in their growth and have fun while doing it! 

Activity Toy Your Child Will Love

Activity Toy for Babies

He is playing with it here, and you can see he gets pretty interested in it. All the different colors and activities really keeps him intrigued! Plus it makes a lot of different noise as it twist and turns around, which is a lot of fun!

I am so glad we bought this for him, it has really been a fun toy for him. He played with this activity triangle before he could sit up, and it was nice. He would just lay on his  tummy or side and reach out and play with it. Now that he is sitting up good, he can hold it and play even more.

This would be a great toy for a gift for a birthday or holiday for a kiddo in the 6 month or up age range! 

My Pal Scout by LeapFrog – Teaches First Words, Feelings and More!

Personalize your My Pal Scout to say your child’s name and more! 

My Pal Scout

I wanted to share a fun toy we got for our son, Clay, it is the My Pal Scout by LeapFrog! We bought this for him knowing at the time he was still a little small for it but would grow in to playing with it! Now that he is a few days shy of 6 months he has began really enjoying his My Pal Scout! The age range recommended for this is 6 months to 36 months. 

My Pal Scout is Clays New Buddy! 

my pal scout leapfrog

The one reason why we decided to buy this for Clay is because it is a great way for kids to learn new words, feelings, colors, counting and more. It is a great learning toy that is fun for the baby and beneficial! Plus you can personalize this with your child’s name from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. You can also put in their favorite color, food, and it makes it really fun for the child! When he hears Scout say his name he perks up and gets all giddy! 

Can’t view the video, click here to watch on You Tube.


Each paw has a button, games, songs, 5 minutes of sleep time and the power button. The child can push them easily to have interaction with the dog. It does turn off on it’s own after a few minutes of not being played with. So it will help save your batteries. It offers two different volume settings, which is nice.

LeapFrog toy

We love Scout and Clay does as well! It has been a great interactive toy for him that helps pass time, and he learns as he goes! You can buy in girl or boy!