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HP Vibrant Red Beats Edition Laptop

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When my sister asked me join her in this journey to blog with her, I decided to purchase the HP Vibrant Red Beats Edition Laptop.  I had previously had an HP and loved it and was confident that I would purchase another HP product. I had been using the same the same laptop for over 6 years!  Crazy I know!

I spent a lot of time searching all the different laptops on the market today. Let me tell you that there are so MANY to choose from.  There are several things I was looking for in a laptop and the HP Vibrant Red Beats Edition had them all!  I wanted a computer that was fast, had plenty of storage and was a great price.

touchscreen HP

Lots of Fun Features on this HP Laptop

When I came home from work the day I received my new HP Laptop, I was so excited that I had to get it opened and up and running immediately!  It took less than 10 minutes to have it set up and ready to play with. I loved the quick start up, especially since I am not exactly technical savvy.

This HP Laptop has a 15.6″ Touch Screen!  With all the cell phones and tablets now days, it was important for me to be able to have a touch screen on my laptop too. This is an awesome feature that makes this laptop even more user friendly. 

I find myself doing a lot of typing in the dark. This Vibrant Red HP Laptop found an awesome solution for people like me. This laptop has a red backlit keyboard. Not only is it highly functional, it looks really COOL!

Touch Screen HP

This Laptop has also won the heart of my daughter, Kaylyn!  It’s so easy to use and she loves the touchscreen as well. Now the best part of this HP Laptop Special Edition is the HP Beats with Dual Speakers and Subwoofer.  At our house we like to crank up some good old Country Music and on this HP Laptop we are left with great music and an awesome sound.  If you are in the market for a new laptop, I highly recommend the HP Vibrant Red with Beats Special Edition!

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