Infantino Activity Triangle for Babies – 6 months and Older

Clay Loves His Activity Triangle Infantino Activity Triangle

Awhile back I ordered this Infantino Activity Triangle at a discounted price. I thought it would be something fun for Clay to play with. This is great for age of 6 months or older. It is a triangle toy that offers many fun activities for your kiddo to enjoy! From rattle beads, spinning knobs, texture wheels and more. Clay loves to pick it up and move it around and find new fun activities to play with.

This is a great way for your child to develop hand-eye coordination, and I love that. I am a firm believer in buying toys that your child can benefit from in their growth and have fun while doing it! 

Activity Toy Your Child Will Love

Activity Toy for Babies

He is playing with it here, and you can see he gets pretty interested in it. All the different colors and activities really keeps him intrigued! Plus it makes a lot of different noise as it twist and turns around, which is a lot of fun!

I am so glad we bought this for him, it has really been a fun toy for him. He played with this activity triangle before he could sit up, and it was nice. He would just lay on his  tummy or side and reach out and play with it. Now that he is sitting up good, he can hold it and play even more.

This would be a great toy for a gift for a birthday or holiday for a kiddo in the 6 month or up age range! 

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