Infantino Compact Cart Cover – Comfort and Germ Protection!

Can use for shopping cart or a high chair

cart cover

When Clay was born, I knew when he was no longer in his car seat, we would buy him an Infantino Compact Cart Cover, to protect him from germs! I found this one at Walmart, and it was reasonably priced.  Then after finding out of his condition, and making sure we are extra careful about germs, it became a must!

Infantino Cart Cover

The Infantino Compact 2-in-1 cart cover is great for carts or using for high chairs at restaurants! It helps add a little comfort to the baby as well as protecting from germs. It is easy to transport as it folds up and can be carried like a bag, as pictured above. We use it for shopping at any store that has a cart, and when we go out to eat.

cart coverIf you think about it hundreds of people touch carts everyday, and who knows how clean their hands are and what germs are on it. Clay puts everything in his mouth right now, so I want to ensure he isn’t touching a lot of dirty things, then sticking them in his mouth.  For me it is a no brainer that I want a little extra protection for him, and this cart cover fits our needs!

On the back side once it is down in the cart, it offers a pouch where you can store something if you want. When it is not in the cart, that is where it folds up in and can then be carried like a bag. It is pretty handy!



The Cart Cover Has A  Strap to Hold Sippy Cup and A Teething Toy Attached! 

infantino teal cart cover

This is a really nice cart cover, it is easy to put on the cart, has a built in teething toy, strap to attach a sippy cup, plus pockets. I highly recommend this as a gift for a parent or for you to use on your own child. It is machine washable, which is awesome!


If you are interested in this cart cover, they do offer different colors and prints if you are interested. I picked mine up online at, if you want to shop for one today!

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