Must Have Toy! VTech Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo – Age 6 months to 3 years

A toy your kid will love! 
VTech Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo

When we were at the store we saw this VTech Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo toy, and Clay’s eyes just lit up when Adam hit the button. It started singing a song, and the joystick moves the monkey around, it was a have to buy item at that time! We let Clay hold on to it through the whole store and he just kept hitting the buttons and playing with it. Truly was the happiest boy on the planet I think! 

 Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo

Vtech Interative Zoo

This Learn and Dance toy is really fun. It has really nice bright vivid colored buttons that really draw Clay in! It offers fun songs for him to dance to, touch buttons to meet the zoo animals, a spinner, and more. The neatest thing about this is the joystick, you can manuever the little monkey around by moving the joy stick! It is really cool, I will admit I sat there and made the monkey dance a little! Your never to old to have a little fun! 

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The one downfall is their in no volume setting, I wish it could be adjusted a little. It isn’t super loud just sometimes you want a volume up a little and other times it wouldn’t hurt to be a bit quieter! It is very light-weight so your kid should be able to pick it up and move it around easily. Now Clay he has no issue picking it up and will toss it here and there when he plays.


 VTech Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo




If you are interested in buying this toy, you can look at your local stores to see if available or head over and shop online at Amazon

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