Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

Clay Loves His Musical Motion Activity Jumper


My sister gave us this Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper to use for baby Clay! She used it for her daughter, and wanted to pass it along. This is probably Clay’s favorite thing to play on, he absolutely LOVES this thing! He can jump and jump and pass the time so easily! All the fun activities as he twirls around in his seat helps a lot on keeping him entertained as well! It is super sturdy, and that is a huge plus for us, we don’t have to worry about it falling apart!

baby einstein musical motion activity jumper

I think what makes this jumper really nice is it offers so many different activities to keep him mind busy! He can play music or play music and more. He loves being able to swivel all the way around in the seat, it gives him a 360 degree view of the room!

Activity Jumper Your Baby Will Love


He has really begun to play with the sun and cloud, he can pull on it as it is flexible so he can bend it down and chew on it! Clay loves to put everything and anything in his mouth these days!!! Another thing I wanted to highlight is you can wipe all this down super easy! If your child spits up or you want to clean it up, use the cleaner of your choice and wipe it down! That is such a nice option, some toys are almost impossible to get clean, so I love how easy this is!

Is this something your baby or a child you know would enjoy!