Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day – Cleaners Made with Essential Oils and Plant Derived Ingredients

Getting Clean with Natural Ingredients and Essential Oils! 

Clean Day Mrs. Meyers

Having hand soaps and cleaners in the home that are not full of harsh chemicals has become something I am working towards!  I have found the Mrs. Meyers line – the cleaners made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients! Granted some cleaners I still use but for the most part I lean towards safer products. With Clay I don’t want to worry about him touching something I just cleaned and worrying over if the cleaner will make him sick.

That is where the Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning line comes in! I have been using this line for awhile now and really love them! Their products are full of plant-derived ingredients and essential oils! They work great against fighting dirt and grime and leave your home smelling fresh and boosting your mood. I love the Lemon Verbena scent for the summer and spring! I am really wanting to try the Apple cider scent for Fall/Winter! It sounds heavenly! They have a variety of scents and products to choose from!

Mrs Meyers Cleaner

Multi-Surface Cleaner, Hand Soaps, Dryer sheets , Laundry soap and more they have you covered! I truly love the everyday cleaner, I use it for our kitchen counter-tops, bathroom, and more. I love how you can use this on all different counters and it works wonderfully! I love the crisp scent it has, it does really make the home feel fresh and clean, and puts a pep in my step! 

Aromatherapeutic Household Product 

Mrs Meyers Hand soap

Try relaxing Lavender, cool and crisp Basil, energizing Lemon Verbena or uplifting Geranium. The hand soap is really nice as well, it is a nice light scent that just helps boost your moods. It is made with olive oil and aloe vera, it doesn’t seem to dry my hands out like some soaps I have used.



Buying the products on Amazon is a lot cheaper for me then buying them at my local Walmart or Dillons store. Some are a few dollar cheaper on Amazon, so I am always up for saving money! They do have an awesome line that is great at getting your house clean, and not full of harsh chemicals! It is a win-win!

If you are interested, I would love for you to try it and let me know what you think of their products!