Vtech Farm and Learn Animal Wagon – Playtime goes wild with learning!

Vtech Farm and Learn Animal Wagon is the MUST Have Toy This Yearvtech farm and learn animal wagon

Clay’s first birthday is on the 20th of this month, and the other day he got an early birthday present! This Vtech Farm and Learn Animal Wagon, let’s just say he has barely wanted to stop playing with it since we opened it! He is absolutely fascinated with the hay bale. It comes with two goats, hay, a tractor and trailer.

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Here is a quick video, I wanted you all to get to see Clay playing with it! He truly is loving this, anything with animals and he is a fan! This is for age range of 1 year up to 5 years, so there is a long time frame! It is a great way for kids to pretend to be a farmer and having fun while doing it! The tractor’s windshield changes to different drivers and the window opens and closes. when you push the top of the tractor a horn blows, which Clay loves!

Works with Go! Go! Smart Animals and Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets

 Smart Animals Smart Wheels Animals Farm


What is really neat about the Go! Go! Sets is they can work together. You can buy the Go! Go! Smart Animals and/or Go! Go! Smart Wheels Playsets and they interact all together! It is neat that you can always buy new sets to play with and keep your child interested! Or if you are buying for a gift, you know another gift to buy to go along with the first one!

Smart Animal Farm by Vtech

smart animal farm by vtech

Another neat feature on this Smart Animal Farm by Vtech is when you push the moms hair at the top she will talk or sing! Saying things like G is for goat, and so on. When you touch the babies nose to the mama she interacts with baby goat. She gives a nurturing response to her baby goat!

This would make a great gift for a child anytime of year! Great toy to have your child play with and learn while doing it! 

VTech Shake and Sounds Learning Pup Video Review *Holiday Gift Idea*

Clay Loves His New Shake and Sounds Learning Pup from Vtech! Vtech Shake and Sounds Learning Dog

We bought Clay this Vtech  Shake and Sounds Learning Pup the other day, and he is really enjoying it! We love buying him new toys to help keep his mind learning! This pup offers over 40 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases! We bought this pup because we want Clay to have toys that are interactive, he can learn from, and help stimulate him. Since I am a stay-at-home mom I want to ensure he has fun toys to play with throughout the day!

 VTech Shake and Sounds Learning Pup by VTech


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Does the Shake and Sounds Learning Pup Work on Carpet

learning pup with a boneHere is a little video I did to show you the dog in action! If you can’t view the video above, watch it on YouTube right now! Now, we have carpet in most parts on our house, but the kitchen and hallway both have linoleum, and that is where Clay is playing with the shake and sounds learning pup. We have shorter carpet, and it does not work. It won’t move around, so that is a little disappointing. So if your home has a lot of carpet, you might not buy this toy. The pup will not move around, he just sits up, but doesn’t move.

Vtech Shake and Sounds Learning Pup

Vtech Puppy With a Bone Makes Playtime FUN!

On the learning pups back you can see little buttons that can be pushed to make him sing melodies, count and more. It is really neat. This puppy comes with a bone that when you shake it, the puppy will then interact with talking, playing tricks and more.   Clay loves holding the bone and shaking it, they have little beads inside that make noise when it gets shaken! It also grabs his attention when he shakes it, and then the dog starts talking. He just lights up from ear to ear! The puppy with a bone really does make it a lot of fun!


Fisher-Price Learning Home – Age 12 months and Up!

Having a blast with the Fisher-Price Learning Home

Fisher Price Play Home

This Fisher-Price Learning Home has so many fun features and will provide hours of entertainment and giggles! Our daughter, Haydyn, who is 20 months old, loves to play house for hours. Even our 9 year old, Kaylyn, loves to get in on the action.  The best part about this interactive toy is that Haydyn is learning and helping develop her vocabulary and doesn’t even realize it! Best for ages of 12 months to 3 years. 


When we purchased the Fisher-Price Learning Home, we were immediately drawn to all the bright colors.  There were so many different things to touch and play with to keep the girls busy. The swinging door is a huge hit! We also loved that it is very versatile because even though it is an inside toy, it can also be taken outside. We like to take ours out on a nice day and enjoy all the interactive features.

Fisher Price Interactive Home

The Fisher-Price Learning Home will not disappoint with all the activities available. There are 21 songs including The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Hickory Dickory Dock.  It helps teach the alphabet and the interactive clock can help the child learn how to tell time.  It even helps our 9 year old practice telling time and with today’s digital world we all need a little practice!  There are balls you can drop down the downspout, a mailbox and house numbers that you can change.  The porch light actually lights up and there are words with photos that helps encourage early reading and site words. Haydyn loves to look at the picture of the puppy and repeat the word puppy in her cute little toddler voice!

If you are looking for a fun and interactive toy that also teaches your child many things, the Fisher-Price Learning Home would be a great toy for your household!