Personalization Mall- Custom Gifts! Mugs, Collages, Blankets and More!

Create Custom One of A Kind Gifts at Personalization Mall! Personalization Mall

I am a HUGE fan of Personalization Mall! I have used them for years, for creating wonderful gifts for loved ones, and creating personalized items to decorate our home with! I wanted to share the two collages I have from their, the first one my sister gave us at Christmas, and the second I had made with our Easter photos we took! They turned out so good, I truly couldn’t be happier!


This collage is so special to me, my sister, Felicia got this for us this Christmas! Clay had just been born and she took pictures of him and added it to the collage! It was so sweet to be able to hang pictures of our little prince on the wall! I love that she has his first photo of him in the hospital on their, it always melts my heart to look at it! 

Photo Collage

This photo collage is 16×16, so good sized! I had this one made right after we did our Easter photo’s! It turned out awesome! It was pretty easy to create! You simply upload pictures you want, and then move them around till you have them in the order you want. Look over to ensure it is correct then order!

You can also buy many more items from their! They have gifts for any occasion or treat yourself! Custom mugs, graduation gifts, treasured keepsakes, photo decor, and so so much more!

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Plus if you go through Ebates, you can earn Cash back on your order! Right now it is 7.5% cash back, but that does change with time, so you might have a different cash back offer. If you are new to Ebates, it is FREE to Join, and you can earn cash back from thousands of stores when you shop online! It is beyond awesome!


Meridian Panel Room Darkening Curtains – Saves on Heating and Cooling Costs!

Thermal Insulated Backing CurtainsMeridian Panel Room Darkening Curtains

We recently bought these Meridian Panel Room Darkening Curtains, and I am in love! They are so gorgeous, I love the print on them! These are thermal insulated backing curtains that help to block the light as well! We wanted something that offered a neat print but was also effective in saving money for our home. We have older windows, so they are not very energy efficient! In time we will save up and get new windows installed!

These curtains do not fully block out all the light, they block around 75-85%. BUT, with that said, our old curtains when the light was blaring in, it would blind you. You can see the light on the window curtain but it doesn’t blind you at all. With it being Spring the sun is out longer, and we wanted our house to be darker say 7 o’clock time as that is when baby goes to bed. These curtains help do that for our living and dining room area!

Meridian Print Thermal Curtains 

Meridian Print Thermal Curtains

Designed for a look of elegance, the grommets are spaced in such a way that the drapery forms neat pleated gatherings when left partially open. During the day we open ours up to get some natural light in our house. I love how pretty they make the windows look! They are a great way to add a pop of color to a room, and the print makes a fun statement!

Different Colors and Styles to choose from, if you interested! Plus, you can get rods as well if you need them. They have a ton of gorgeous ones to choose from!

If you want a different print or color, they have lots of fun designs to choose from! Plus you can shop your local stores like Walmart, as well to find them! I just love Amazon!