Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller – Perfect Stroller To Have!!!

2 in 1 Lightweight stroller and KeyFit car seat carrier

Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller

If you all are looking for an amazing stroller, look no further, here is the Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller! It is a 2-in-1 lightweight stroller and KeyFit30 Chicco Car Seat! We bought our car seat as it was the #1 rated car seat at the time of when Clay was going to be born, safety is so important. For Christmas, Adam’s parents bought us this stroller to go with it! I have to say it has been so nice to have!

We live in the country so this gets pushed through dirt, sand, grass and rocks. It does pretty good, now if the grass is pretty tall you kind of have to put some effort into pushing it, but for most terrain it does rather well for how lightweight it is. It does have smaller sized tires, so you take that into play for what you are wanting to use it for. We used it for kind of getting out and going to the zoo, ball games, walks and such. 

chicco stroller Like it says it is super lightweight and folds up very nice so you can toss in the trunk of your car and take it places with ease. You can fold the seat forward so that you can attach the car seat on, or fold it up and just have your child sitting in it. For about 5 months we used it with the car seat, as Clay was pretty small. Now he loves going without the car seat so he can see more things!

It does come with a removeable canopy that zips on and off, we use it when it is pretty sunny out! It works pretty well at getting the sun off of Clay. To switch from the car seat way to the other, it is really easy. It doesn’t take much effort which is nice! You can’t really move the canopy too much, it has a little bit of range but not an extreme amount. I always just ensure to put enough sunscreen on his legs and such, as they would sometimes not be protected very good from the canopy.

Now my orange color is no longer available, and the all the strollers are discontinued, so only available for a short time, but the positive is the price is awesome! You are saving quite a bit if you buy one now! The maximum weight limit is 50 lbs, so you can see it will last for a long time! 

 Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller, Silver Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller, Lyra Chicco – Liteway Plus Stroller – Polaris With KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat – Polaris Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base, Lilla


We use this stroller a lot, the only complaint is sometimes you do have to lube up the wheels, which only takes a minute. Other than that we have been using it for almost a year and it still is great. Nothing has broke and it has worked nicely!

Must Have Toy! VTech Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo – Age 6 months to 3 years

A toy your kid will love! 
VTech Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo

When we were at the store we saw this VTech Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo toy, and Clay’s eyes just lit up when Adam hit the button. It started singing a song, and the joystick moves the monkey around, it was a have to buy item at that time! We let Clay hold on to it through the whole store and he just kept hitting the buttons and playing with it. Truly was the happiest boy on the planet I think! 

 Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo

Vtech Interative Zoo

This Learn and Dance toy is really fun. It has really nice bright vivid colored buttons that really draw Clay in! It offers fun songs for him to dance to, touch buttons to meet the zoo animals, a spinner, and more. The neatest thing about this is the joystick, you can manuever the little monkey around by moving the joy stick! It is really cool, I will admit I sat there and made the monkey dance a little! Your never to old to have a little fun! 

Can’t view, click here to watch on YouTube.

The one downfall is their in no volume setting, I wish it could be adjusted a little. It isn’t super loud just sometimes you want a volume up a little and other times it wouldn’t hurt to be a bit quieter! It is very light-weight so your kid should be able to pick it up and move it around easily. Now Clay he has no issue picking it up and will toss it here and there when he plays.


 VTech Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo




If you are interested in buying this toy, you can look at your local stores to see if available or head over and shop online at Amazon

KidKraft Amelia Dollhouse

Hours of Entertainment with this Fun Dollhouse

KidKraft Amelia Dollhouse

If you are looking for that perfect dollhouse, I highly recommend the KidKraft Amelia Dollhouse. When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having a dollhouse like this. I always used a cardboard box and pretend it was my dream dollhouse. I can only imagine how much fun I would have had with a real dollhouse like this!

When Kaylyn was 5 we knew we wanted to get her a dollhouse. She was reaching that age when she was really interested in dolls and figured she would love her very own dollhouse. So we searched all over the internet. We knew we wanted a house that would fit regular sized dolls, not miniatures. We also knew that we wanted something that was easy to assemble and had accessories. Most importantly we didn’t want to break the bank. The KidKraft Amelia Dollhouse had everything we were looking for. The assembly took around an hour, it comes with 15 pieces of furniture and isn’t very expensive.


Play Time is Even More Fun

Kaylyn is now 9 and still loves to play with her dollhouse. I am sure with her getting older we only have a few more years that she is going to want to play. However, Haydyn isn’t even 2 so we know that she will get many years of entertainment out of it as well!

One of the things I really like about the KidKraft Amelia Dollhouse is that it has such nice graphics on it and it encourages creative playing. Your dolls can rearrange their furniture, take a ride on the elevator or take a nap in the adorable bed! I promise your kiddo’s won’t get bored playing with this dollhouse. Plus, if you dreamed of having your own awesome dollhouse when you were little, you can even enjoy some playtime yourself (with the kids of course).

Infantino Compact Cart Cover – Comfort and Germ Protection!

Can use for shopping cart or a high chair

cart cover

When Clay was born, I knew when he was no longer in his car seat, we would buy him an Infantino Compact Cart Cover, to protect him from germs! I found this one at Walmart, and it was reasonably priced.  Then after finding out of his condition, and making sure we are extra careful about germs, it became a must!

Infantino Cart Cover

The Infantino Compact 2-in-1 cart cover is great for carts or using for high chairs at restaurants! It helps add a little comfort to the baby as well as protecting from germs. It is easy to transport as it folds up and can be carried like a bag, as pictured above. We use it for shopping at any store that has a cart, and when we go out to eat.

cart coverIf you think about it hundreds of people touch carts everyday, and who knows how clean their hands are and what germs are on it. Clay puts everything in his mouth right now, so I want to ensure he isn’t touching a lot of dirty things, then sticking them in his mouth.  For me it is a no brainer that I want a little extra protection for him, and this cart cover fits our needs!

On the back side once it is down in the cart, it offers a pouch where you can store something if you want. When it is not in the cart, that is where it folds up in and can then be carried like a bag. It is pretty handy!



The Cart Cover Has A  Strap to Hold Sippy Cup and A Teething Toy Attached! 

infantino teal cart cover

This is a really nice cart cover, it is easy to put on the cart, has a built in teething toy, strap to attach a sippy cup, plus pockets. I highly recommend this as a gift for a parent or for you to use on your own child. It is machine washable, which is awesome!


If you are interested in this cart cover, they do offer different colors and prints if you are interested. I picked mine up online at, if you want to shop for one today!

Fisher-Price Learning Home – Age 12 months and Up!

Having a blast with the Fisher-Price Learning Home

Fisher Price Play Home

This Fisher-Price Learning Home has so many fun features and will provide hours of entertainment and giggles! Our daughter, Haydyn, who is 20 months old, loves to play house for hours. Even our 9 year old, Kaylyn, loves to get in on the action.  The best part about this interactive toy is that Haydyn is learning and helping develop her vocabulary and doesn’t even realize it! Best for ages of 12 months to 3 years. 


When we purchased the Fisher-Price Learning Home, we were immediately drawn to all the bright colors.  There were so many different things to touch and play with to keep the girls busy. The swinging door is a huge hit! We also loved that it is very versatile because even though it is an inside toy, it can also be taken outside. We like to take ours out on a nice day and enjoy all the interactive features.

Fisher Price Interactive Home

The Fisher-Price Learning Home will not disappoint with all the activities available. There are 21 songs including The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Hickory Dickory Dock.  It helps teach the alphabet and the interactive clock can help the child learn how to tell time.  It even helps our 9 year old practice telling time and with today’s digital world we all need a little practice!  There are balls you can drop down the downspout, a mailbox and house numbers that you can change.  The porch light actually lights up and there are words with photos that helps encourage early reading and site words. Haydyn loves to look at the picture of the puppy and repeat the word puppy in her cute little toddler voice!

If you are looking for a fun and interactive toy that also teaches your child many things, the Fisher-Price Learning Home would be a great toy for your household!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote

New Toy = Lots of Fun In Our Household! Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote

The other day we bought Clay this, Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote, and man he is loving this toy! He plays with it so much through out the days, it was a great toy to buy for him. It has buttons for them to be able to press to hear songs, music, and more. You can turn the volume up or down, switch channels to hear a new station and more with this little remote. Plus it lights up which really grabs Clay’s attention. 

fisher price remote toy

What I love about this fun toy is Clay enjoys playing with this toy remote, and in return he is learning about numbers, colors, opposites, greetings, first words and more. I know if you read my post, I say it all the time, I love toys that help children learn things! It offers more than 25 songs, phrases, songs and more, so it can keep him busy. I love that it doesn’t say just 3 things, as that gets old quick for the parents!

Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote

fisher price remote

This toy right now is under $10, it makes a great toy for your own child, give as a gift for a birthday present, or holiday gift. As you can see the age range is 6 months to 36 months. I know for me I like to see an age range so I know how long I will probably use this toy, and if it fits where Clay is at in his learning abilities!

I am all about great toys that don’t break the bank and can help your child grow and learn when they use it! I hope you all like the post, and if you buy it, hope the special kiddo getting this enjoys it as much as Clay does! 

Personalization Mall- Custom Gifts! Mugs, Collages, Blankets and More!

Create Custom One of A Kind Gifts at Personalization Mall! Personalization Mall

I am a HUGE fan of Personalization Mall! I have used them for years, for creating wonderful gifts for loved ones, and creating personalized items to decorate our home with! I wanted to share the two collages I have from their, the first one my sister gave us at Christmas, and the second I had made with our Easter photos we took! They turned out so good, I truly couldn’t be happier!


This collage is so special to me, my sister, Felicia got this for us this Christmas! Clay had just been born and she took pictures of him and added it to the collage! It was so sweet to be able to hang pictures of our little prince on the wall! I love that she has his first photo of him in the hospital on their, it always melts my heart to look at it! 

Photo Collage

This photo collage is 16×16, so good sized! I had this one made right after we did our Easter photo’s! It turned out awesome! It was pretty easy to create! You simply upload pictures you want, and then move them around till you have them in the order you want. Look over to ensure it is correct then order!

You can also buy many more items from their! They have gifts for any occasion or treat yourself! Custom mugs, graduation gifts, treasured keepsakes, photo decor, and so so much more!

Earn Cash Back on Your Order! 

Plus if you go through Ebates, you can earn Cash back on your order! Right now it is 7.5% cash back, but that does change with time, so you might have a different cash back offer. If you are new to Ebates, it is FREE to Join, and you can earn cash back from thousands of stores when you shop online! It is beyond awesome!


Garmin Vivofit Tracker – Fitness and Sleep Tracker

Track your Steps and Sleep with the Garmin Vivofit 

If you are looking to track your steps and sleep, try the Garmin Vivofit Fitness and Sleep Tracker.  Let’s face it, in today’s world it is way to easy to overeat and to skip exercising! I need that extra push to motivate myself to improve my health.  I decided to shop for a fitness tracker so that it could help jump start my desire to become more active.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker

While searching for the perfect fitness tracker for me, I came across the Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker. I was looking for was a fitness tracker that is inexpensive, has an app that I can use for my phone and something that monitors my sleep habits. The Garmin Vivofit has all of these things!  The Garmin Vivofit didn’t break the bank and I love the app for my phone!  

There are many colors to choose from. Black, Blue, Red, Slate, Teal and Purple to name a few. I chose the Teal, because I love bright colors in my wardrobe and thought this would make a great accessory.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness and Sleep Tracker

You get to pick your daily goal. This helps you start ease into reaching your goals each day.  I started with 7,500 steps. It was easy for me to reach that goal, so I will keep increasing it every few days until it becomes challenging. Another awesome feature about the Garmin Vivofit is that if you become inactive for an hour, a red bar will appear across the top of the Vivofit. Each additional 15 minutes of inactivity another bar will appear. This encourages you to get up and moving.

One of my favorite features is the sleep tracker on the app. I am a very poor sleeper and it tells me how many hours I slept and how much of it was deep sleep and how much of it was light sleep.  Having this information helps me understand part of why I am so tired all the time!  I have began researching ways that I can get more deep sleep and this has already started helping me get better sleep.

If you are in the process of looking for a fitness tracker, I highly recommend the Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker!

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy – Wraps Handle on Car Seat, Stroller and More

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Spiral Includes Four Visually Delightful Hanging ToysInfantino Spiral Activity Toy

This Infantino Spiral Activity Toy is one of Clay’s favorites! He uses this in his stroller every time we go anywhere! It helps keep him entertained, as he is not the best at car rides! He hates being stopped, the car has to constantly be moving or he gets fussy.. moms should get to skip red lights I think!

You can hang it off the handle of the car seat or they can hold in lap and play, which is what we do often. That way he can grab it and chew on it better! This also works with most strollers and cribs if you want to coil it on, for entertainment!

Perfect Car Seat Toy!

car seat toy

I don’t know what it is about the bee but that is truly the one that he grabs for the most. He loves putting the fabric stinger in his mouth and munching on it, it’s so darn cute! The wings make a crinkle noise, which is something he has always enjoyed with any of his toys! The bee is fabric and nice and soft! You can wash this in the washer, so you don’t have to worry if he slobbers all over it!



It includes peek n’ see mirror,2-clacker rings, bird rattle, crinkle bug, textured fabrics and satin ribbons that will entertain the kiddo! Plus I love the fun fabrics they use, that makes it more appealing! It didn’t have an age range on when to buy but from what I have seen it is an item you can use from birth on

It is available for boy and girl! I do highly recommend a fun toy like this for a gift or for your baby! It really is fun for them and keeps them entertained when your out on the run! 

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy – Wraps Handle on Car Seat, Stroller and More

HP Beats Special Edition Laptop

HP Vibrant Red Beats Edition Laptop

Hp Laptop

When my sister asked me join her in this journey to blog with her, I decided to purchase the HP Vibrant Red Beats Edition Laptop.  I had previously had an HP and loved it and was confident that I would purchase another HP product. I had been using the same the same laptop for over 6 years!  Crazy I know!

I spent a lot of time searching all the different laptops on the market today. Let me tell you that there are so MANY to choose from.  There are several things I was looking for in a laptop and the HP Vibrant Red Beats Edition had them all!  I wanted a computer that was fast, had plenty of storage and was a great price.

touchscreen HP

Lots of Fun Features on this HP Laptop

When I came home from work the day I received my new HP Laptop, I was so excited that I had to get it opened and up and running immediately!  It took less than 10 minutes to have it set up and ready to play with. I loved the quick start up, especially since I am not exactly technical savvy.

This HP Laptop has a 15.6″ Touch Screen!  With all the cell phones and tablets now days, it was important for me to be able to have a touch screen on my laptop too. This is an awesome feature that makes this laptop even more user friendly. 

I find myself doing a lot of typing in the dark. This Vibrant Red HP Laptop found an awesome solution for people like me. This laptop has a red backlit keyboard. Not only is it highly functional, it looks really COOL!

Touch Screen HP

This Laptop has also won the heart of my daughter, Kaylyn!  It’s so easy to use and she loves the touchscreen as well. Now the best part of this HP Laptop Special Edition is the HP Beats with Dual Speakers and Subwoofer.  At our house we like to crank up some good old Country Music and on this HP Laptop we are left with great music and an awesome sound.  If you are in the market for a new laptop, I highly recommend the HP Vibrant Red with Beats Special Edition!